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Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Woman enjoying a cup tea while looking at her Himalayan Salt Lamp.

The pandemic has caused worldwide lockdowns, forcing people to spend more time at home. However, this means that there is no better time to invest in home products to ensure your well-being and happiness.

While there are loads of products to make your home a safer, healthier place, we believe that natural Himalayan salt lamps would be your best bet. They are known to improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home, which is why they have been popular for centuries.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp, and Why Do You Need One?

Are you wondering what a Himalayan salt lamp is?

It is known as a healing lamp because it is made from pink salt crystals that can be found around the Himalayas- close to Pakistan. The Himalayan crystal salt lamp can be used as a natural source of light, as well as a piece of decoration.

However, many people are not aware of the benefits of a natural salt lamp other than aesthetic purposes. Apart from the Himalayan glow that acts as a source of light, the pure Himalayan salt chunks inside form negative ions that boost indoor air. This means that by placing a natural Himalayan salt lamp in each room, you can improve air quality and boost environmental benefits. What’s more, is that the lamp can balance out electromagnetic radiation!

Electrical appliances, including cell phones, televisions, computers, and laptops, fill the air with positive ions. This causes an overflow of electromagnetic radiation in the air. Even though this is invisible and cannot be felt, it is said to have lasting effects in the long run. Constant exposure can lead to increased fatigue, a weakened immune system, and a rise in stress and anxiety levels. The natural salt lamp balances out this radiation, reducing artificial frequencies and preventing the buildup of static in the air.

Here are some benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp:

1.   Allow Easier Breathing

Did you know that there are finite hairs in your windpipe that act as breathing filters? It’s true! These ensure that the air you breathe in is pure. However, research shows that because of position ions produced by gadgets, cilial activity is affected.

Real Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions that help neutralize the air by removing foreign particles. In the long run, this ensures cleaner, healthier, and stronger lungs.

2.   Purify and Cleanse Your Space

Himalayan salt products are known to cleanse and purify the air using a procedure called hygroscopy. This sucks in the dirty water molecules in the environment and attracts them to the salt crystal.

If you have someone in your house who smokes, you should buy the Himalayan salt lamp as soon as possible. Not only does this suck in the annoying cigarette smoke, but it also removes dust from the air, alleviating symptoms of allergy. Salty hair is generally known to keep the air passages clear, which is why the Himalayan salt lamp promotes good health.

3.   Reduces Allergy Symptoms 

The air inside your home can be toxic, especially if dust, mold, mildew, and pet hair start to accumulate. A nasal saline spray is used to keep the airways clean, hence ensuring easier breathing. Similarly, the Himalayan salt lamp uses salt to reduce allergies.

This is great for those who suffer from respiratory issues. In fact, many manufacturers in the market have used Himalayan salt in their inhalers to ease symptoms of respiratory problems that people commonly suffer from.

4.   Reduce Symptoms of Cold and Cough

There is nothing more annoying than contracting the flu and dealing with a cough and cold. The good news is that the natural Himalayan salt lamp produces negative ions that can kill airborne germs and contaminants. Moreover, the salt from the lamp can also help the body filter air efficiently. This prevents any foreign particles from entering the body.

Hence, we can say that these are some of the best salt laps as they reduce symptoms of coughing, sneezing, sore throats, and any other side effects of the common flu.

5.   Increase Blood Flow

Research shows that negative ions that are produced by the Himalayan salt lights help increase blood flow in the body.

Not only does this help improve the vascular system, but it also helps keeps the lungs clear and healthy.

6.   Higher Levels of Energy

Are you aware that positive ions suck the energy out of the body? It’s true. The good news, however, is that Himalayan salt lamps can have the effect of this.

 Since negative ions boost energy levels, the feeling is similar to spending a few hours around nature. Just as one feels refreshed and energized after spending some time among trees, plants, hills, and mountains, the Himalayan salt lamp also helps produce a similar effect.

7.   Sharper Concentration and Better Performance

We mentioned before that higher exposure to negative ions helps lower stress levels in the body. With lower stress and anxiety levels, you can boost performance and ensure better results at work and school.

With the help of negative ions produced by these natural salt lamps, more oxygen and blood reach the brain. Together, this boosts concentration and performance levels in everyday tasks. Moreover, more serotonin (happy hormone) is produced in the body, helping you feel good about life in general.

8.   Allows Relaxation

Chromotherapy, simply known as color therapy, is a method that has been used for centuries to diagnose and treat numerous illnesses. Since the Himalayan salt lamp gives out dull shades of orange, yellow, and red, it helps reduce stress levels and can also aid with attention deficit disorder while encouraging relaxation.

The relaxing Himalayan salt light is great for creating a balance between physical, spiritual, and emotional energies.

Bottom Line

The Himalayan salt lamp is an environmentally friendly source of light, with loads of natural benefits for the body, brain, and well-being. While some of these lamps are powered with the help of a low-wattage bulb that does not use much energy, others use the flame of a candle.

Moreover, the Himalayan salt lamp is a timeless addition to your home that will always boost the surrounding aesthetic, making your home look welcoming, warm, and friendly.

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