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Best Himalayan Salt Lamps to Buy for Summer 2021

Best Himalayan Salt Lamps to Buy for Summer 2021

If you love the sight of warm, soft light that creates a calming and soothing ambiance, Himalayan salt lamps are perfect for you. These healing lamps are therapeutic for your mind, soul, and body. You can light up a Raindrop Evolution Salt Crystal Salt Lamp in your bedroom for an ambient glow. Its light pink hues can instantly lift your mood and allow you to distress after a long day.

The benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are extensive. It is widely known that these lamps comprise natural Himalayan salt, which consists of 84 minerals that are great for your body.

Moreover, the use of natural Himalayan salt is said to reduce stress and anxiety. Sitting next to this all-natural Himalayan glow creates positive effects on your mind and help you focus better. If you tend to have headaches or sinus issues, having a Himalayan crystal salt lamp in your room can reduce your symptoms and make you feel better.

Pure Himalayan salt lamps appear unique to the eye. Unlike synthetic lamps, natural salt lamps contain high levels of minerals and other essential nutrients. Natural Himalayan salt exists in huge rocks that are carved into various shapes, sizes, themes, designs, and textures to create salt lamps. These lamps hold a bulb and a wooden base that is connected to a cord. You will find a wide range of salt lamps available catering to your aesthetic style and interests. Before buying a Himalayan salt lamp, be sure to check the directions mentioned on the lamp’s bulb for proper use.

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

A Himalayan salt lamp is a lamp with a solid block of pure Himalayan salt on top to make it visually appealing. It looks like a light pink crystal in daylight. Once you turn on the lamp, it releases a soothing radiant light that can instantly warm up your surroundings. The bulb acts as a source of light and heat; hence, the lamp releases fumes that can filter out moisture, pollutants, mold, allergens, and bacteria from the environment.  As a result, it is known to have hygroscopic properties that help purify the air in your environment. Therefore, many people can experience its calming effects, like inhaling fresh air while sitting at the beach.

What are the Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Here is a list of benefits of Himalayan salt lamps on your everyday life.

Alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Many people tend to experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD), making them feel sad or depressed very often. Salt lamps come to the rescue to provide warmth and comfort to people and significantly improve their mood and overall behavior.

Energizing for Your Body

Himalayan salt lamps have tremendous effects on your body. Your surrounding atmosphere is likely to have positive ions flowing, which may deplete your energy. Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions into the air, improving your energy levels within the body.

Alleviate Respiratory Issues

If you are suffering from respiratory issues such as or an allergies due to air pollution, Himalayan salt lamps can help reduce your symptoms. They purify the air by effectively absorbing and removing pollutants from the air. Moreover, the lamp's surface traps moisture from the atmosphere to create a well-balanced and healthy environment.

Best Himalayan Salt Lamps to Buy

Himalayan salt lamps are available in several forms. From Elephant Evolution Salt Crystal Salt Lamp to Himalayan Salt Crystal Lights Planet Globe Lamp, you can buy Himalayan salt lamps in all shapes, sizes, themes, and designs. For future uses, getting a Pack of 4 14 Watt Evolution Salt Bulb is a great idea to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Here is the list of the best Himalayan salt lamps to buy.

Wooden Basket Evolution Salt Crystal Salt Lamp

If you wish to decorate the entrance to your home with elegance, get your hands on Wooden Basket Evolution Salt Crystal Salt Lamp. It's stylish and sophisticated and effortlessly adds a touch of extravaganza to your hallway. You can place a pair of these gorgeous lamps around your main door or on your balcony as an embellishment.

Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp With Stones

If you wish to jazz up your living room with a fireside glow, the Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp With Stones is perfect for you. It mimics the look of a fire bowl with salt chunks to add an extra oomph to your salt lamp. You can place it on the center of your coffee table or in the middle of your dining table, and it will stand out from the rest of your decoration pieces.

Raindrop Evolution Salt Crystal Salt Lamp

The Raindrop Evolution Salt Crystal Salt Lamp will instantly glamorize your room with its stunning look, crafted to perfection. Your bedroom's side table is an ideal spot to place this lamp. It's not just aesthetically pleasing but also soothing to the eyes. After a tiring day at work, the glow of this gorgeous lamp will help you relieve stress and sleep better.

12 inch Wood Base Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you prefer bold and beautiful items for decorating your home, Wood Base Himalayan Salt Lamp is an ideal choice for your home. With its naturally rugged texture and elongated shape, your guests will be highly impressed by your artistic sense. It has a mesmerizing appearance that will hold your gaze to enjoy its beauty.

Several retailers in the United States are selling Himalayan salt lamps in stores and online. However, many of them offer cheap salt lamps composed of synthetic material to mimic natural Himalayan salt lamps. If you are looking for a reliable company to buy salt lamps online, look no further than Purely Shea Organics. It's a one-stop-shop that offers a wide variety of high-quality Himalayan salt lamps that cater to your needs and wants. Whether you are buying these mesmerizing lamps to decorate your home or as a gift for your friends and family, you will come across many designs that resonate with your signature style. So, grab a pretty Himalayan salt lamp now!