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Is Drinking Collagen Your Answer to Reversing Aging?

Is Drinking Collagen Your Answer to Reversing Aging?

Collagen drinks are pretty much everywhere, be it your Instagram post or Pinterest and Facebook; it seems to be creeping into everywhere, including your beauty products.

Before we dive deep into the benefits of collagen drinks as an anti-aging stimulate. First, let's understand this question: what is collagen?

It’s a particular protein filled comprised of amino acids, best for keeping the tissues and bones together and healthy. There exist various collagen types throughout your body, from your muscles and bones to hairs, joints, and skin. Collagen is primarily responsible for the development of multiple tissues associated with various organs or body parts. However, after 25, we tend to lose the natural stores gradually. It’s due to many factors such as aging, excess sugar, smoking, excess alcohol consumption, UV rays, and eating processed food.

This reduction in the production of collagen causes severe adverse impacts on your overall well-being. Thus, to ward off the negative consequences, health technicians recommend collagen consumption, irrespective of its form, be it liquid or powder.

Collagen accounts for approximately 30 percent of the protein composition in a human body. It is considered a predominant protein in the connective tissues, including skin, blood vessels, and cartilage.

This blog article will share the benefits of collage drinks on your skin and hairs, ultimately reducing the symptoms of aging and keeping you young and healthy.

How Collagen Drinks Fight Aging?

Unlike other body organs, skin and hair are directly expose to the outer environment, and their appearance represents the epitome of the overall aging process. Taking collagen drinks can help you fight aging symptoms significantly.

Impact of Collagen Drink on Skin

Lack of collagen translates into the common signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and stiff joints. When your body receives suffice amount of collagen, you will find the skin soft, firm, and smooth because collagen helps the skin tissues renew and repair themselves.

Also, it keeps the skin moist, making it one of the most vital ingredients for skin care for all ages. As the most abundant component of the extracellular matrix, collagen determines skin physiology by maintaining the skin structure and enabling its numerous functions to take place.

Both the internal and external factors drive the physiological process pertaining to skin aging due to a decline in collagen formation. However, consumption of collagen drinks leaves a beneficial impact on human skin structure and function.

The peptides obtained from collagen drinks are characterized by a high contribution of amino acid sequences paired with specific synergistically acting nutrients. These drinks keep the skin hydrated and help your skin glow while eliminating the signs of wrinkles and dryness, let alone replace dead skin cells as we age.

Impact of Collagen Drink on Hair

Collagen supplements are the breeding grounds of amino acids used by hair follicles to produce Keratin protein. As per dermatologists worldwide, Keratin protein is one of the best elements for promoting hair growth, volume, strength, and elasticity. Besides strengthening the hair, it also improves the overall quality of your hair.

Drinking collagen supports a healthy digestive tract for the sake of protecting and healing the lining of the gut, ultimately leading to maximum protein absorption and causing healthier hair.

Simultaneously, collagen drinks function in synergy with hyaluronic acid for supporting, moisturizing, and rebuilding the overall structure of the skin’s dermis, including the environment surrounding the follicle. The blood vessels in the dermis are also supported by this, enabling a better diffusion of nutrients to the follicle leading to moisturized hair.

Free radicals are said to be damaging the hair follicles, leading to hair loss. Collagen drink can help you neutralize the free radicals and allow you to grow the hairs naturally.

Some of the few significant factors that lead to hair loss include iron deficiency, low thyroid, hormonal imbalances, and auto-immune diseases. All these factors result in thinner and fragile hair. However, with a daily collagen supplement, you can narrow down the adverse impacts of these factors on your hair.


There are innumerable benefits associated with collagen drinks and supplements. With a regular intake of collagen drinks, you can experience a meaningful change to the skin’s structure and function, as well as it will help you keep your hairs long, healthy, and shiny.

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