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Taking Care of Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Taking Care of  Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are a perfect addition to your living space. Be it your lounge or bedroom, a soft Himalayan glow can add life to your interiors. With a reddish-pink hue, these lamps are unique in their appearance.

Unlike synthetic lamps, the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are extensive. Apart from comprising 84 natural minerals, these gorgeous salt lamps consist of real Himalayan salt, which increases its risk of potential damage over time. Therefore, you should look after your lamp in the best possible ways. It is crucial to know how to use your Himalayan salt lamp to decorate your house, followed by different ways to maintain its quality.

How to Set Up Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

From Himalayan Salt Crystal Lights Planet Globe Lamp to Wooden Basket Evolution Salt Crystal Salt Lamp, you can buy real Himalayan salt lamps in plenty of shapes, themes, sizes, colors, and designs. Once you get your hands on a pure Himalayan salt lamp, you need to unpack the lamp to set it up. Whether you have a sizeable Himalayan crystal salt lamp or a mini USB salt lamp, you can use the following steps to prepare the lamp.

1.      Unboxing

 Unbox the lamp and take out the plastic or bubble wrap clinging to the lamp. Firstly, connect the bulb to the cord.

2.      Attach the Bulb

 Next, attach the cord to the base of your Himalayan salt lamp while the bulb fits through the designated slot inside the hollow.

3.      Connect it to a Power Supply

 Connect your lamp to the power supply and turn it on. Be it dim, medium, or high; you can set the intensity of light according to your preference.

4.      Light it Up

 You can place it wherever you want. Make sure it stays in a cold, dry environment.

 How to Care for Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Before you buy salt lamps, it is best to learn different ways to take care of them. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of ways to care for your Himalayan salt lamps effortlessly.

Here is a list of steps you can follow to take care of your Himalayan salt lamps.

Leave it Switched On

 These healing lamps are therapeutic for your mind and body and help relieve stress and anxiety. To avail maximum benefits, it is best if you leave them on for the day. While reducing the risk of moisture buildup due to a humid environment, your natural salt lamp will remain protected against atmospheric changes.

Wipe its Surface

 If you notice any dust or dirt settling into your salt lamp, you can use a dry or slightly damp cloth to wipe its surface while it is switched off.

Store it Appropriately

 If you are thinking about storing the lamp aside for a while, it is best to detach all the connections. Using your index finger and thumb, gently pull out the bulb and cord and pack them into a box to prevent breakage. Next, place your salt lamp in a safe place by layering it with plastic or bubble wrap to retain its structure and texture.

Place it Indoors

 Himalayan salt lamps are prone to undergo structural changes over time. Hence, it is best to place them indoors with low to moderate room temperature. Avoid bringing them near the kitchen stove and room heater or firewoods. To retain their beautiful appearance and freshness, avoid placing them in open air.

Frequent Use

 If you notice any signs of sweating, weeping, or shedding on the surface of your Himalayan salt lamp, you should consider lighting it up more often to keep it warm. Natural Himalayan salt is hygroscopic, which enables it to absorb moisture from its surroundings.

Pack it Up

If you reside near a beach or lake, the weather is likely to be very humid. As a result, your salt lamp may absorb humidity while it is switched off, causing slight to moderate flaking or sweating on its surface. It would be best to pack it in a plastic bag to preserve its appearance when it is no longer in use in such situations.

Tips and Techniques to Improve the Life Span of Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Himalayan salt lamp bulbs last for 1000 hours on average, which equates to over 41 days approximately. The fittings inside the lamp are susceptible to movement caused by vibrations within its structure. As a result, the bulb may fuse before its average life span. Therefore, it is best to place your salt lamp at a stationary point to avoid the risk of potential damage.
  • Ensure that the bulb stays attached to the base of the lamp. Failure to connect can disrupt its functioning and damage its frame. Therefore, getting a Pack of 4 14 Watt Evolution Salt Bulb is a great idea to avoid any inconvenience in the future to keep your indoors lit.
  • Touching the bulb with greasy or oily hands can potentially blow it. Therefore, before changing the bulb, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands with soap.
  • Using a circuit that supports large appliances can cause fluctuations in current, which may lead to power surges. As a result, it can take a toll on your salt lamp and blow the bulb. To avoid any risk of damage, use another switchboard to connect your Himalayan salt lamp.

You will find plenty of Himalayan salt lamps sold in stores and online in the United States. Some retailers offer genuine products, while others are selling cheap salt lamps made up of artificial ingredients to resemble natural Himalayan salt lamps. Therefore, you can count on Purely Shea Organics to buy salt lamps online. They offer a broad range of high-quality Himalayan salt lamps composed of pure Himalayan salt.

Whether you want to light up your room or buy it as a present for your friends and family, you will have several options to choose from. You can easily take care of them, and they will last you a lifetime! So, get yourself a stunning Himalayan salt lamp now!