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What Should I Know Before Buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

What Should I Know Before Buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Ever heard of the Salt therapy?

If, for a minute in your mind, you thought of rubbing salt across your skin or stepping into a tub full of saltwater – no, that is not what we meant.

Also known by its secondary name of halotherapy, salt therapy is an old way of truly cleansing. In fact, salt therapy comprises cleaning the air, purifying it, and also our bodies by the use of prominent, chunky pink Himalayan salt placed either at the epicenter of the “cleansing room” or closest to wherever the therapy is being carried out.

Salt therapy has been used and is known to ease anxiety and lack of sleep (insomnia). Various different ailments of the skin like rashes and bumps, respiratory issues like congestion, sinus problems, and colds, along with ear issues – among a wide array of issues for which we run to fetch OTC medicine – have also been eased by salt therapy.

So, what’s the difference between regular table salt and one with Himalayan origin?

Not only can you cook with Himalayan salt, but this salt also contains richer healing minerals and twice the nutrient potential than ordinary salt off the rack or located in a supermarket aisle. Negative ions that tenaciously hold molecules can be separated in internal food processes using this salt, helping in digestion. Upon taking this salt with water, a boost in mood has also been reported – though sources are still unclear, the fact still stands.


Advantages of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps, or any for that matter but specifically Himalayan salt lamps, have several other advantages as well. They reduce allergy symptoms and are known to get rid of allergy stimulants like mildew, pet dander, microscopic mold from inside your homes. We have already mentioned above how they are also helpful with conditions like respiratory disorders.

But did you know Himalayan salt lamps also keep electromagnetic radiation away?

After buying your Himalayan salt lamp (which we will get to later), place it close to a TV or your desktop computer. The positive ions around are targeted by a plethora of negative ions from the lamp, neutralizing hence keeping you safe. Apart from this property, they also act as wonderful air purifiers.

Since they help with insomnia, these lamps are often recommended by sleep therapists.

Now to which Himalayan salt lamp you should buy. And how exactly?

Here is a short but practical guide on everything you need to know about buying a Himalayan salt lamp.

Lamp Authenticity

There are several Himalayan salt lamp sellers out there. It is your job to not get lost at sea. Be sure to check for imitation lamps as there are many those out there and don’t carry the same benefits as the real deal – in fact, none at all. Ask the seller for some guarantee that the salt they are selling is authentic Himalayan. Evolution Salt Co and Aloha Bay are two highly reputable Himalayan salt lamp companies who make authentic and effective salt lamps.

Choosing the Right Size

The quantity of negative ions that a Himalayan Salt lamp emits is directly proportional to its weight. Meaning, the larger the lamp, the larger the potential of emission. So, if you want a larger area to be ionized, you need an equally larger lamp. You could opt for a quantity-volume approach; cover for larger sizes (larger lamps are more expensive) by buying lamps in more quantity.

Sellers in South Asia usually sell according to Medium, which is six to eight pounds and optimal for small bedrooms and home offices; large, which is eight to ten pounds and optimal for medium-sized bathrooms and bedrooms; and extra-large, which is ten to twelve pounds and optimal for larger bedrooms and a kitchen. The lamp featured below would work well in large spaces.

12 Inch Wood Base Himalayan Salt Lamp


Picking the Right Location

While you can place a lamp anywhere, that doesn’t mean you need to. Picking a spot where there is a lot of activity, or someplace where you would like to let off some steam and relax, enjoy some time alone in your living room, sit in your study, et cetera are all good picks. In winters, though, you will see a dull yet beautiful glow to the salt that pinkish-orange in color. This makes it perfect for keeping it in your bedroom as a certain amount of heat also gathers up in these lamps during winters which it wouldn’t hurt to take advantage of during this frosty season. There are so many gorgeous designs like this Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl With Stones which will add a sophisticated touch to your decor.


Picking a Shape

When we talk about Himalayan salt lamp shapes, there are endless choices. You can even have your lamp custom-made to fit your liking and needs. It all comes down to what you like. For things other than what you have in mind, all you need to do is have some research done on the various shapes of salt lamps. Usually, there is a natural or organic shape, a pyramid or obelisks, spheres, cubes – sometimes, people even have the lamps custom-cut into shapes of bowls. You can even have lamps crafted to your liking (shape of an angel or a star, et cetera). Some interesting shapes include this fun Elephant Evolution Salt Crystal Salt Lamp and this mystical Raindrop Evolution Salt Crystal Salt Lamp.

Don’t Forget About Your Pets

Even though these lamps are pet-friendly and nothing is too alarmingly about your pets licking these lamps or playing with them, too much licking can, however, not healthy for pets. You can allow them to sit beside them or, at best, look at them, but make sure you don’t keep the licking go unchecked for too long. The same applies to babies, toddlers, and young children.



Have you made your mind up yet? About buying a Himalayan Salt lamp? Head over to Purely Shea Organics and pick a lamp of your liking from our lighting collection here: Himalayan Salt Lamps from Purely Shea Organics.


We guarantee it is a 100% organic and authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps from the top manufacturers of these products. With this purchase, know that you will have your very own salt lamp to light it all up even when it will get dark.